Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Poster for Class employment relations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Poster for Class employment relations - Essay Example The relations of employees formed when labor sold by a person to an organization or other person and in return; he works for that person or organization. This relationship remains same in all countries where employees are paid to work for each other (Budd & Bhave, 2006). The relations of employees cannot be determining because of transaction of market and it can never predict accurately. The employee relation is the set of present regulative and institutional settings in which the interaction of HRM and functional activities takes place (Abbott, 2006) The theory of Unitarist Employment Relationship states that employment relation should be pleasant and unitarist sees confliction as a break down in peace and harmony of organizations. The conflict is not normal for unitarists and they want to end conflict and regaining peace of organizations (Alan, 1974). It is the management task to adapt unbiased leadership style when directing the employees and employees should have clear objectives and task while performing the assigned work. The companies whose are willing to adapt this employee theory should reduce the work of the employees to the basic elements and employees skill to undertake any task should be kept minimum. The issues of the employees should be listened by the management collectively and impersonally (Wachter, 2005). In the case of Brisbane Airline, the Government is trying to remove panic from the employees and making them assure that Government will remove all their concerns and problems regarding the Airline. The Government assures the employees that if the company will not be able to pay their debts, than there are eligible for Redundancy Scheme and Employee Entitlements. Workers are given more importance rather than on the production because if the workers are not given authority or the work given to them is not suitable for them, then there is a chance that